How do I rotate an object in ArchiCAD 3D?

How do I change the orientation of my mouse?

Mouse Mode Rotation Mode

To get a rotation around the axes coming out of the screen (the `z’ axis), hold the middle button down and move the mouse left (clockwise) or right (counter-clockwise). You can keep the molecules rotating without continuously moving the mouse.

How do I change coordinate system in archicad?

There are three ways to reposition the User Origin:

At any element node: click Alt + Shift (Mac: Opt + Shift). At any location in a model window: Click the Move User Origin button from the Standard toolbar (or the Coordinates palette), then click at any point in the window. The origin is instantly relocated there.

What is the use of 3D rotation tool?

The 3D Rotation tool can be used on any movie clip instance to rotate and transform the symbol around x, y, and z axes. To render a movie clip instance in 3D, follow these steps: Place a movie clip instance on a new layer on the timeline by dragging the clip from the Library panel.

How do I mirror an object in archicad?

To Drag, Rotate, or Mirror one copy of an element, select the element and choose the desired command from the Edit > Move menu or the context menu. Another way is to choose the plain Drag/Rotate/Mirror command from the pet palette, then press Ctrl (Windows) or Alt/Opt (MacOS).

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How do I rotate a column in archicad?

Select the Edit > Move > Rotate command (or Move > Rotate from the selected element’s context menu). Alternatively, click again on a node or edge of the selected element to bring up the pet palette, then choose the Rotate command. Or use the Ctrl (Cmd) + E shortcut.

Why is my cursor horizontal?

The horizontal cursor means you’re in “overwrite” mode, which can be toggled on and off with this key.

Why is my mouse sideways?

Why does my cursor/arrow turn sideways/horizontal and thjere is an arrow on each end? When the mouse pointer becomes a double-headed arrow that means it is positioned on the edge of a window. Hold down the left mouse button and you’ll be able to ‘drag’ the window to a different size.

What is mouse mode?

In Mouse mode, you use the pen like a mouse. The cursor stays on the point that you left it when you pick up your pen, and you interact with your device like you interact with a mousepad or trackpad.