How do I move a decal in Solidworks?

Move it by dragging the pointer anywhere inside the frame (except on the rotation handle). Size it by dragging the handles at the corners and sides of the frame. Rotate it clicking the ring at the center of the decal to display an on-screen protractor that shows the decal angle.

What are decals solidworks?

A decal is a 2D image applied to a model. You can use decals to apply warning or instruction labels to models. You can use decals to create model details that you can represent with an image instead of with the model geometry, such as a car grill or a picture frame. You can view and apply decals in SOLIDWORKS.

Why does my decal disappear in Solidworks?

When first mating a decal the side with the image shows until you start to mate, then it disappears. So if you don’t recall which side is the mating surface you may accidentally mate it upside down. Compounding the problem, when mated, the image surface doesn’t actually show until you place another decal.

How do you remove decals?

Removing Decals From Vehicles

  1. Heat up the decal. Briefly run your heat gun or hair dryer over the surface of the decal. …
  2. Peel it off. Use your fingers or something like a plastic card or putty remover to peel up the edges of the decal. …
  3. Use your adhesive remover.
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