How do I modify a STL in FreeCAD?

Can I edit STL files?

You can edit your STL files using mesh editing tools as well. Mesh editing tools are specially designed and developed for animation, modeling, and objects that are represented by 2D surfaces. 2D surface means the objects that only have a shell on the outer side and there isn’t any filling from inside.

How do you modify a 3d model in FreeCAD?

Open and edit STL files in FreeCAD

  1. Start FreeCAD and create a new document with File > New,
  2. In the menu select File > Import and navigate to the mesh file you want to modify. …
  3. In the dropdown select the Part workbench,
  4. In the Model window select the imported mesh,
  5. In the menu select Part > Create shape from mesh…

How do you edit a solid in FreeCAD?

Re: FreeCAD for Modify Existing stl?

  1. Select the mesh object.
  2. Switch to the Part workbench.
  3. Go to Part –> Create shape from mesh. Enter a value or leave the default 0.10 value, click OK. This should generate a “shape” object.
  4. Select the newly created shape.
  5. Go to Part –> Convert to solid. A new solid object is created.
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What program can edit STL files?

MeshMixer. MeshMixer is a free mesh editing program which you can download from AutoDesk’s website. It is very easy to edit STL files and also has a built-in slicer tool. This means you can send the edited model directly to your 3D printer to print it.

What software can edit STL files?

7 of the best free STL file editors

  • MeshLab. MeshLab is a very complete free and open source program to edit your STL files. …
  • SketchUp. SketchUp, which used to be called Google SketchUp, is a 3D modeling software that now belongs to the architectural company Trimble Buildings. …
  • SculptGL. SculptGL is a free 3D sculpting tool.

Can I edit STL in Autocad?

MeshLab is a very complete free and open source program to edit your STL files. …

What is STL for 3D printing?

STL is the standard file type used by most additive manufacturing systems. STL is a triangulated representation of a 3D CAD model (Figure 1). The triangulation (or poly count) of a surface will cause faceting of the 3D model.

How do I edit a STL in Solidworks?

To do this, click on “File” and select “Open.” To access the STL import options, users need to change the file type in the dropdown menu to STL. Next, select “Options.” Here, users can choose to import the file as a graphics body, solid body or surface body.

How do you convert mesh to solid in FreeCAD?

To do this:

  1. Switch to the Part Workbench.
  2. Select the mesh, and go to the Part → Create shape from mesh or press the Part ShapeFromMesh button.
  3. Click OK in the dialog.
  4. Select the newly created shape.
  5. Go to Part → Convert to solid.
  6. Select the newly created solid.
  7. Go to Part → Refine shape or press the Part RefineShape button.
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What programs read STL files?

Programs that open STL files

  • Microsoft 3D Viewer. Free.
  • Microsoft Print 3D. Free.
  • IMSI TurboCAD Pro. Free Trial.
  • GOM Inspect. Free.
  • ideaMK STL Viewer. Free.
  • Parametric Technology Creo. Free Trial.
  • Dassault Systemes CATIA.
  • MeshLab. Free.

Can Maya open STL files?

Maya does not export . stl files so we will use either Rhino or 3DS Max.

What app opens STL files?

STLView is a basic free STL viewer software developed by CNC milling company ModuleWorks for Windows and Android. It has a great touch screen support, which is quite useful if you need to quickly view a 3D file on your smartphone or other device. The app provides the basic zoom and rotate functions.