How do I create an external parameter in CATIA?

What type of parameters can be created in CATIA?

The created parameters only apply to edges, faces and vertex. The editor is similar to the Parameters Explorer editor. The Set of Parameters enables you to gather user parameters below a set. A given relation may take as its arguments both types of parameters (intrinsic and user).

How do I change parameters in CATIA?

Updating parameters values

  1. Double-click the parameter in the specification tree. The Edit Parameter window is displayed.
  2. Right-click the value field of the window, and select Update Values… . The Value List window is displayed.
  3. Edit the values and click OK when done.

How do you add relationships in CATIA V5?

Creating Sets of Relations

  1. Click the icon, the Relations. 1 (or Relations. …
  2. Click either relation creation icon. …
  3. Click OK to display the next dialog box and enter the relation body.
  4. After you have finished specifying the new relation, click OK in the editor dialog box.

How do you show parameters in Catia tree?

Displaying Parameters in the Specification Tree

The user parameters are displayed in the specification tree provided you check the Parameters box in the Display tab in the Tools>Options>Infrastructure>Part Infrastructure dialog box.

What is Catia knowledgeware?

The CATIA V5 knowledgeware solution turns implicit design methods into explicit knowledge and allow users to capture and reuse corporate know-how throughout the product lifecycle.

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