How do I change my sky to VRAY in SketchUp?

How do I show Sky in VRay SketchUp?

Click on the big “M” and a new window will pop up. Select “TexSky” from dropdown menu which is basically a skylight system that’s enabled in V-Ray. Then it will give you the options for a sun. In the Default Sky Options at the top, select “Sun 1” from the dropdown – this is the SketchUp sun.

How do I add Sky render to VRay?

Within the V-Ray Asset Editor, go to the “Environment” tab, select the checker-box icon adjacent to “Reflection/refraction (background), and add a “sky” as per the techniques used in part I above . Set the “Sky Model” to “Preetham et.

How do I turn off sky on VRAY?

simple solution go to render options > Indirect Lighting > Creat sun and sky, click this then in the attributes panel (the panel on the right with all the options) you can click it on or off.

Why is VRAY background black?

When saving your output image, make sure you choose JPEG or JPG instead of PNG. In PNG format the background is usually either Transparent, White, or in some cases Black when there is no BG image, and sometimes it gets stuck that way even if there was a BG image so changing it to JPEG should take care of that.

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