Frequent question: What is contouring in CAD?

You can can add contour lines to a raster-based surface in your map to create a contour or topographic map. You add contour lines to surface layers in Display Manager. … For Create Contour As, select the type of feature to use when creating contour lines (polyline or polygon).

What does contouring mean in drawing?

Contour drawing, version of outline drawing, in which the artist, looking closely at the contour of an object, transfers it in one continuous line to paper without looking down to see what he is doing, except when he needs to place an internal feature such as an eye.

What is contour type?

Note: to contour a value for a type of object, representations of that type of object must be present on the oneline diagram. … Choosing to contour an object type that is not represented on the diagram will result in no contour being drawn on the diagram.

What is the contour of an object?

the outline of a figure or body; the edge or line that defines or bounds a shape or object. contour line. Phonetics. a distinctive pattern of changes in pitch, stress, or tone extending across all or part of an utterance, especially across a sentence, and contributing to meaning.

What are the 3 types of contour lines?

Contour lines are of three different kinds. They are the Index lines, Intermediate lines and the Supplementary lines.

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What is contour explain with example?

Define Contour Line. A Contour line is an imaginary outline of the terrain obtained by joining its points of equal elevation. In our example of the cone, each circle is a contour line joining points of same level.

What are the 5 Rules of contour lines?

Rule 1 – every point of a contour line has the same elevation. Rule 2 – contour lines separate uphill from downhill. Rule 3 – contour lines do not touch or cross each other except at a cliff. Rule 4 – every 5th contour line is darker in color.