Frequent question: How do I draw a polygon in AutoCAD?

How do you Draw a polygon shape?

Draw a polygon using custom polygon

  1. Click Polygon.
  2. Place the pointer on the map and click the location of the first point to start drawing.
  3. Move the pointer to the next point and click.
  4. Continue clicking at each corner of the shape until you have created the polygon. Note: …
  5. Double-click the first point to stop drawing.

How do you Draw an irregular polygon in AutoCAD?

To create irregular polygons, use the mpolygon command. Click Home tab Draw panel Polygon. Enter an integer to specify the number of sides for the polygon. Follow the command prompts to specify either the polygon center (default) or the first edge.

Which command is used to draw a hexagon?

The simplest way to draw a hexagon in AutoCAD is to use the polygon tool, entering six as the number of sides. If you know the radius you’d like to use, then you can choose to size the polygon from the center. You can then choose if you want the hexagon inscribed within the radius, or circumscribed outside the radius.

How do you make a regular polygon?

The simplest regular polygon is the equilateral triangle, which consists of three edges of equal length and three angles between each pair of edges to be 60 degrees. Three edges is the smallest number of edges to construct a polygon because two edges forms an angle and one edge is a segment.

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