Best answer: How do you find the weight of a component in Fusion 360?

How do you find the weight of an object in Fusion 360?

To display the total weight of a component or an assembly:

  1. Go to the browser tree in the left part of the user interface,
  2. Select and right-click a component or the whole assembly from the browser tree,
  3. Select Properties. The weight is displayed as Mass.

Does Fusion 360 calculate weight?

Fusion 360 will calculate mass directly and is show in the “Properties” panel. In my screencast I show a block first in Aluminum and then in Lead material to show the differences in mass.

Can Fusion 360 calculate volume?

Now with Fusion 360, the internal volume can be calculated with one feature. The tool for the job is the Boundary Fill command. This command will calculate all the “water tight” volumes from the selected tools. The tools can be surface bodies, solid bodies, and construction planes.

How do you change mass units in Fusion 360?

Go to Preferences. Go to Default Units. Set “default units for new toolpath” to Inch. Start a new design, open CAM.


  1. Press the arrow next to Document Settings.
  2. Click on Units to change the active units.
  3. Change to desired units.
  4. Check Properties and the units will reflect the document units.

How do I view properties in Fusion 360?

Right click on your “file name” Tab in Browser and then select Properties option. There you’ll find properties such as density,mass etc. associated with your model.

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