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CNC Digitizing

Quick tutorial on using the Tormach Digitizing Probe and Mach3 to digitize a part.  Blender, a free software, is used along with a couple Python scripts to enable the digitization.  Enjoy!

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Solder Reflow Oven Controller Enclosure Box

The solder reflow oven controller is nearly finished.  The previous post showed the milling the circuit board, now the enclosure box has been finished. The design consists of an Arduino Uno R3 microcontroller which monitors the temperature of the oven, … Continue reading

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Double-Sided Printed Circuit Board

A printed circuit board was designed by David Cannistraro.  The circuit is used for control of a toaster oven converted into a solder reflow oven.  Once finished the circuit will control the heating/cooling of the oven while monitoring temperature inside.  … Continue reading

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Robot Drawing Demo

A pen has been attached to the end effector of the robot. The pen is spring loaded to provide a constant force on the writing surface, complements of Matias Perret. Cartesian coordinates are pretty much copy and pasted into the … Continue reading

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