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Lost-Foam Casting

Quick video showing the basics of a lost-foam casting process. Foundry materials are from Lost & Foundry.

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CNC Digitizing

Quick tutorial on using the Tormach Digitizing Probe and Mach3 to digitize a part.  Blender, a free software, is used along with a couple Python scripts to enable the digitization.  Enjoy!

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Importing Points to Blender

This code is a script for importing points from the Mach3 Digitize Wizard to the Blender Environment. The code below should be copy and pasted into the Blender “Scripting” Window. Once pasted the path needs to be changed in the … Continue reading

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Solder Reflow Oven Controller Enclosure Box

The solder reflow oven controller is nearly finished.  The previous post showed the milling the circuit board, now the enclosure box has been finished. The design consists of an Arduino Uno R3 microcontroller which monitors the temperature of the oven, … Continue reading

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Double-Sided Printed Circuit Board

A printed circuit board was designed by David Cannistraro.  The circuit is used for control of a toaster oven converted into a solder reflow oven.  Once finished the circuit will control the heating/cooling of the oven while monitoring temperature inside.  … Continue reading

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Mill Enclosure (Work in Progress)

Months have gone into the production of an enclosure for the Tormach PCNC 770 mill and robot.  The goal of the project was 1) enclose the mill for safety purposes (also keeps chips off the floor) 2) Make a stand … Continue reading

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Joe’s Dice

Joe Schmitz, an undergrad mechanical engineering student at the University of Iowa has been working a with the Tormach mill.  He created a few dice on the machine.

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Enclosure for Tormach

I have been busy designing an enclosure for the Tormach mill.  Originally I designed a single-hinge swinging door for the enclosure, but I have worked on mills with a swinging door before.  It seems once the door is covered in … Continue reading

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Engraving Logo

For a demo the Tormach mill was used engrave 1.7″ diameter x 1/8″ coins with the University of Iowa seal. Tool:  engraving cutter  (1/8 x 1-1/2 half round 90 deg) Depth of cut: .005″ Spindle Speed: 8500 RPM Feedrate: 18 … Continue reading

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Visit from St. Ambrose University

Dr. Jodi Prosise and Dr. Mike Opar from the engineering department at St. Ambrose University came to visit and take a look around the Tormach Mill today. It was good experience to bounce back ideas about curriculum and hands-on CNC … Continue reading

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