Enclosure for Tormach

I have been busy designing an enclosure for the Tormach mill.  Originally I designed a single-hinge swinging door for the enclosure, but I have worked on mills with a swinging door before.  It seems once the door is covered in coolant and/or chips it always rests on your back when you are inside the mill changing out parts.  It becomes a mess on your clothes.  The new design uses a bi-fold door, which maximizes the access room without dealing with a large swinging door.

A cart/stand for the robot has also been designed.  This design allows for the controller to sit near the ground.  The cart has four casters that allow easy movement.  The enclosure and cart have been designed to allow the cart to wheel into the mill space without colliding with the bed.  Once assembled it should be easy to fix some locating pins to ensure the robot can be indexed in the same location in the mill.

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