Robot Drawing Demo

A pen has been attached to the end effector of the robot. The pen is spring loaded to provide a constant force on the writing surface, complements of Matias Perret. Cartesian coordinates are pretty much copy and pasted into the RoboWin7 interface. Simple! Also thanks to David at ST Robotics for helping with the Roboforth code.  So here is the video of the Tormach logo.

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  1. brian.johns says:

    There have been a few questions about how this is done, so I put together some quick instructions for RoboWin.

    I actually got some help from ST Robotics on this topic. First you need all the points (X,Y & Z coordinates). I did this by using CAM software for a mill (a simple engraving sequence for the logo). Since the robot moves linearly I had to create many points along the curves. So actually what you are seeing is very small linear moves around the curve. Once all the points are known, I used the following approach.

    1. start a project.

    2. make a new route, for example DSGN reserve enough space for all the coordinates you can predict. Default is
    20 but make it 200 if you need to. Memory is enough for 4000 points.

    3. in the text window (ed2) define a word for example:
    : LRN Z ! Y ! X ! 900 PITCH ! 0 W ! LEARN ;

    4. Now when you want to send a new design send
    send your list of coordinates in this form
    (X-value) (y-value) (z-value) LRN
    Make sure the very first line corresponds to the corner of the paper.
    Maybe the second line will be up and off the paper and the third line
    back down at the start of the actual design ready to draw.
    If this causes problems there are ways round that.

    5. When you have sent all the coordinates and assuming the robot is in
    the corner of the paper, set there by the user now send

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