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Robot Drawing Demo

A pen has been attached to the end effector of the robot. The pen is spring loaded to provide a constant force on the writing surface, complements of Matias Perret. Cartesian coordinates are pretty much copy and pasted into the … Continue reading

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Mr. Roboto

The ST Robotics R17 is up and running.  While “homing” the robot I almost caught a left hook to the face, otherwise setup went smoothly. The robot communication with the mill is pretty primitive.  Basically it works as a hand-off.  … Continue reading

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Setting up the Mill

Putting the mill together has taken a little longer than expected. I’ve tried to keep things neat while setting up because I knew once the mill was running, milling out parts would take precedence over tying back wires, enclosing the … Continue reading

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Taking it for a spin

Brian posing with the Tormach mill, all set up and ready to go!

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Hello All, My name is Brian Johns. I’m a PhD student in Industrial Engineering at the University of Iowa. Tormach sent me a CNC mill (PCNC 770) and robotic arm to design educational lessons for students/instructors wanting to learn about … Continue reading

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