Working on a new version of the groklab website that could possibly integrate the blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other social-media type stuff that we have going on around here. The new site features:

* User profiles for all lab members, complete with Gravatar and OpenID support
* Users may create their own project site complete with project wiki, and task assignments.
* Users may store bookmarks that relate to their research
* Each person can maintain their own blog
* Tagging throughout the entire site.
* Upload and share photos (who knows? Might be fun…
* Users can set their current working status aka Facebook Status or Twitter (you can also sync your status with Twitter)
* Create a tribe, or discussion groups around whatever topic you want
* (We could also have some games, but I turned them off…maybe we should enable them again?

If you’re an IE student here at Iowa, or I know you, sign up now, and give it a try. Contact Jerry Steele for access details.

According to Google Analytics, Zotero2GROKCodex is the second most commonly accessed page in all of (64 hits in the last month). The main page, of course, is first (136 hits).

I’ve updated the software to work with the latest Firefox and latest stable version of Zotero (I haven’t tested with the 1.5 server sync preview yet). You can install Zotero2GROKCodex here.

Any new feature requests for this software?

Apparently is a target for spammers.   I have deleted roughly 30 spam comments/day for the last week from this blog.

I’m turning off comments on new posts.   This setting can be overwritten on individual posts. We’ve only had 1 ‘real’ comment on this blog (thanks Will), so it doesn’t appear that anyone will miss this functionality.