Working on a new version of the groklab website that could possibly integrate the blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other social-media type stuff that we have going on around here. The new site features:

* User profiles for all lab members, complete with Gravatar and OpenID support
* Users may create their own project site complete with project wiki, and task assignments.
* Users may store bookmarks that relate to their research
* Each person can maintain their own blog
* Tagging throughout the entire site.
* Upload and share photos (who knows? Might be fun…
* Users can set their current working status aka Facebook Status or Twitter (you can also sync your status with Twitter)
* Create a tribe, or discussion groups around whatever topic you want
* (We could also have some games, but I turned them off…maybe we should enable them again?

If you’re an IE student here at Iowa, or I know you, sign up now, and give it a try. Contact Jerry Steele for access details.