December 2007

New rule:   websites should only be upgraded in the morning when the sysop is fresh and patient, not at night when   he is tired.

Also, I think you should have to get a license to use the rm -rf * command (recursively remove everything, forcibly without confirmation) in unix.


The EducatorPR blog today reports on a Society for New Communications Research study that shows that communicators are choosing to use social networking.

“Twenty-seven percent of respondents reported that social media is a core element of their communications strategy. Only 3 percent stated that social media have little or no value to their communications initiatives. Respondents believe that social media is most effective for the following sectors: arts, entertainment and recreation; communications; computer hardware; and education.”

AP is reporting on Honda’s violin-playing robot today.   Honda argues that robots will become an important player in Japanese society in the future because of Japan’s aging population (30,000 people over 100 years old).

“Now we want to accelerate the development of robots that make a contribution to society, drawing on our knowledge and innovation in the field of automobiles.”

Honda is also interested in partnering with Universities to continue to improve robotics.

I didn’t want to keep clogging up the lab webpage with book reports, so I started my own blog: Geb’s world.   I’m going to experiment with putting more of my thoughts out there and devote more time to reading my students ideas on their blogs, if they are interested in participating in the game.