I’ve ignored this blog too long.   I’m reading Vonnegut’s “Cat’s Cradle.”   So far a couple of quotes have struck me as worth remembering:

“All of the true things that I’m about to tell you are shameless lies.”


“‘Dr. Breed keeps telling me the main thing with Dr. Hoenikker was truth.’

‘You don’t seem to agree.’

‘I don’t know whether I agree or not.   I just have trouble understanding how truth, all by itself, could be enough for a person.’”


“Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God.”


“There was a sign hung around my dead cat’s neck.   It said, ‘meow.’ …. Somebody or something did not wish me to be a nihilist.   It was Krebb’s mission, whether he knew it or not, to disenchant me with that philosophy.   Well, done, Mr. Krebbs, welll done.”

Good stuff, even if it is a bunch of shameless lies.